Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Easy Florentine Plaster Look A Like

Recently I have completed a kitchen with a "Florentine Plaster" look-a-like faux finish. I developed this finish many moons ago and it still proves  to be a hot seller. Here are the step-by-step instructions.
I use a minimum of 3 contrasting colors (Values = Light, medium and dark) of Acrylic Latex paints That's all!!! I call this technique "skip brushing" It is important
to always  submerge the 4" chip brush into the paint and start out working with the "Knee" of the brush, laying the brush perpendicular to the wall surface and striping off the paint.

Step One 
(Dark Value)
Apply irregular patches through the room

Step Two 
(Medium value)

Submerge your 4" double chip brush into the paint, laying the brush perpendicular to the wall, and lightly stripe off the paint. Create valleys and peaks. You must have an uneven application. Don't overwork. It's OK that the paint drips in some areas. Due to the uneven application, painted areas will dry at different times. Watch the drips and manipulate these when half dry. Move them around with your brush. To get a faster effect I sometimes use a hairdryer to speed things up. If done correctly you will have some dry, medium dry, and wet areas, that's what you want!!!! Complete one section at time going back and fourth. Make sure you do not hide all the dark accents.
Step Three
(light value)

Apply the light color, in this case Linen white. Again, the surface should be unevenly dry so you can "marry" all three colors into a pleasing rendition where all values are visible. 

Waxed Florentine Plaster 
Good Luck, 

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  1. Sounds wonderful. I do a similar finish with tinted plaster, but I never would have thought to use paint. What a great idea: simple and fast. Can't wait to try it out and then I'll leave a comment on the outcome.

  2. so, Jeannine, did you try the Florentine plaster techniques. And thank you so much for you nice comment. We all appreciate it.
    Hugs and coffee pretty soon